Wednesday, November 11, 2009

6 months of serving

Dear Family!
I love you all so much! I do look forward to spending the holidays with you in the future, but to be honest, time just goes by too fast for me to really get homesick. My 6 month mark is coming up in 4 days!! Aaahh!!! I feel like I just started :)
Transfers are a week from Wednesday, and we just found out that La Junta will be getting two more missionaries, which will be a fun experience for the holidays. Hopefully, they (the Lord and Pres. Pfile) won't move me again, but either way, I guess I'll go and do! We had a baptism last Saturday! It all happened so fast, but we are so very grateful! (For more of this top news story, see "Miracle Stories")
The weather is great here right now, but it'll probably get cold soon. Other than the BOM study guide, there's not much I really need in the package. I'm so glad to hear that your scripture study is going well. That is definitely something I will have learned on my mission: to just make it a priority and set aside a time for it. How much are the general conference CD's? Those would be cool to have! Anyways, I love you so much and am so proud of all the wonderful things you are doing. Whenever we talk with the Relief Society President, I think of you and all the great work you are engaged in. Keep up the good work! Thank you for everything you do! I love you.
I haven't got thrown in jail yet, so I think you're safe, but keep praying for me anyways :) I love you buddy!
I still have a book marker for the place you and I left off in the Book of Mormon. I still plan on finishing it with you, so we can go on that ultimate camp out :) Thank you so much for all that you do to make it possible for me to be on this mission, and for all that you have taught me. I know that I could never fully repay you, but I want you to know that I am grateful. I love you so much and hope you have a great week!
How's it going buddy? I'm still waiting for your next letter :) Have you been reading the Book of Mormon everyday? How's cross-country going? Are you stronger than me yet? Do you have "Tennis Shoes among the Nephites" memorized yet? JK, I love you so much! Keep being totally awesome!
Love, Elder Craft

P.S. I've included some of my last week's letter as well.

Last WeekMIRACLE Stories:It seems so long ago because of how much progress Chris has made, but just last week we taught him the word of wisdom in preparation for his baptism this past Saturday. This guy has grown up with alcohol and drugs, has forsaken a lot within the past year, and just needed to stop smoking. After teaching him the word of wisdom, we knew we'd have to pray a lot for him and we have. Miraculuously, since that lesson last week, he hasn't smoked at all! The first day after he started, he looked miserable, but slowly he got better and better everyday. It's a huge miracle and just goes to show you that the Lord strengthens those who He is preparing for the gospel. We saw a cool little miracle the other day. We were trying to contact a potential, but I got the address and street mixed up, so we ran into some random guy, invited him to learn, and he accepted! We haven't contacted him yet, but he still has a lot of potential. Even though I don't know where I'm going half the time, the Lord still placing people in our path, and it's awesome!
Testimony: I was very blessed to be able to share it yesterday in sacrament meeting. I realized that my testimony is a simple one, but it's the most precious thing I have. Take away everything from me, and I still have a reason to rejoice because of my testimony of this gospel.
Service: On teamups we were trying to contact a potential and ran into a little old lady instead. She was deaf and blind and needed help moving water jugs, so we did. It was kind of cool :)
This weekMIRACLE Stories:Miraculously, three days after we started teaching a former investigator, Julie Gonzales, she was baptized! It was incredible! A lot of her family are recent converts, but she hasn't been coming to church. After being sick, she promised God she would start coming. The past 3 weeks she came on her own, so all we had to do was teach a little bit and organize the baptismal service. After teaching her the Restoration, with some great encouragement and support from her father, she agreed to be baptized, and we are so grateful!The very same day as the baptism, we received a great referral from Bro. Gonzales. His friend, Bill Otero, has been looking for a church. We went over that very day and knocked on his door. He wasn't there, but as we started to leave he pulled up in his truck! He is such a great individual, and he is excited to hear the lessons!
What miracles have you seen from effective planning?:It was a day of miracles, because last Saturday, while we were tracting a street that we had planned the night before, we met Esther and taught her the Restoration. She was very receptive, and seems like a very promising referral!
Testimony: I love the Book of Mormon! I've been reading in the war chapters lately and absolutely love it! I know that it's true with all my heart.

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