Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

Dear Dad,
Thank you for sharing your scriptural insights. That's so awesome! I'm so glad to here the miracle of the house being sold. You guys are definitely living worthy of the Lord's blessings. I love you Dad! Good luck with the upcoming move :)

Dear Mom,
Yes, I did get the package! Thank you so much; it was wonderful! I feel so spoiled!
I love you tons! Have a great week.

I don't have much time, but just real quick: things are going very well. We've definitely been blessed with things going on, we just need to work on sealing the deal and getting these precious souls into the waters of baptism. I feel confident that it is coming very soon though. Elder Allen is progressing a ton, and we're becoming great friends.

This Saturday Elder Perry is coming to the area to address the missionaries and train the bishops and ward mission leaders. So we're really excited! I'll let you know how it goes :)

Colorado Springs is definitely an interesting city to be a missionary in! There are so many different views on religion that we get exposed to. It sure keeps us on our toes :) I've never been told that I'm wrong so much in my life; and ironically, it's happens to be when I'm doing more right than ever before! I love you all! Have a Spirit-filled week!

MIRACLE Stories:
We got a car! What a miracle!

While tracting, Elder Allen was thinking: "I know that we're here for a reason." Then right after that, we got into a door! The man said he already has a church, but we said that our message is for everyone, so he let us teach him the Restoration. His name is Dan White, and he agreed to pray and prepare to be baptized on Feb 28!

Last Thursday was a great day. We had two lessons with investigators planned back to back, and because of our new car we were barely able to make them both! The lessons went well, and it felt great to be busy teaching.

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