Monday, April 12, 2010

13 short months left

Dear Family,

Hello everyone! How's everything going on the old farm? I'm having a great time out here is the Springs! We're helping 2 investigators right now prepare to be baptized on the 24th of April. Then their confirmation will be a nice little birthday present for me :)

Dear Mother,
As far as birthday ideas...I'm not really sure. I think I want some really classy shirts, a new ipod, a better cell phone, and some power tools :P JK. There's really not a whole you need as a missionary. All my clothing is holding up pretty well, except for maybe my shoes. It'd be nice to have a good pair for just church and meetings; then my other 2 pairs for tracting and regular stuff. I like ties too :) Missionary tools that you get at Deseret Book or something like that are pretty handy too. Also, I've seen some missionaries have really small PMG's. I think they have a copy center shrink it down or something. That'd be nice to have a scripture size PMG. Anyways, that's all I can think of right now. They're just ideas. But when it comes down to it, I really don't NEED anything. Also, I trust your judgment and will be TOTALLY grateful for anything you decide on. Thank you so much!!! I love you Mom!

In the package, did you find the tape and memory card? You asked for the audio recording of my adventures with Flat Joshua, right? I hope I didn't do that for nothing :) Anyways, so you want the written version too? Well I don't have a whole lot of time, so could you just give Benson the homework assignment of typing it up? It'll be good practice :) It can just be the abridged version too. Anyways, Joshua will probably never pick me again to do his homework, and so I apologize and hope that it works out all right.

Dear Dad,
Sometimes I see a car identical to your's and think that you're stalking me, but I'm grateful that you've resisted the temptation. :) Say "Hello" to Grandpa Craft for me. I sure love him, and grow increasingly grateful for his influence in bring our family into the church. Good luck with your travels. I love you Dad!

Well, I love you all and wish you the greatest week ever!!!

Elder Craft

MIRACLE Stories:
Gary and Susan Hill were a member-referral from Sister Ferrell. We taught Gary about a week ago, but last Friday we were able to teach both Gary and Susan. They accepted a baptismal date at the end, and the next day we presented a calendar plan to help them prepare. They made it to church Sunday, and we have an appointment today! Susan also made it to the recent convert fireside, and enjoyed it. They've definitely been prepared by the Lord.

Miracles you have seen from planning.:

We both felt inclined to tract Topaz Dr. one day, and when we made it out there, we were able to ITL a lady named Dawn. She has never talked to missionaries before, and is interested in learning more. We have to wait till May because of her schooling, but we were able to leave her with a pamphlet, get her address, and have a good conversation. The Lord does place His elect in our path as we follow the Spirit!

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