Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dear Mom,
It's really not that cold here, (not as bad as Utah) and I kept all my cold weather gear from last year, so I'm good to go! I appreciate your concern for me though :) As far as the home baked goods thing: I do miss your cooking (speaking of which, can I make a request for my first breakfast home to be your delicious crepes?), however, the people here are taking very good care of us. We've been blessed with more food than we can handle (I'm now 200 lbs!..... jk, I wish), so it's really okay if you send the package without that kind of stuff. Thank you anyways :) I really do appreciate all that you do in my behalf! I love you so very much! I can't wait be able to show that love more when I get home. Until then, just know that you are truly a choice daughter of our Heavenly Father who has made such a profound impact on my life, that I will be forever grateful for you. I wish you the best in your Savior of the World performances and hope you have a fabulous, stress-free, Spirit-filled Thanksgiving and week!

Dear Dad,

Give Grandpa Craft a huge ginormous hug for me! I hope and pray that you travel safely and have a good experience. Thank you so much for your outstanding example! I know without a doubt that I wouldn't be where I am without your great example, counsel, love, and support. I'm glad to hear that the past year has been eventful and exciting. I must say that the same is true for me. It's been an awesome year! By the way, I really like your "high-adventure rafting" analogy. I think that's a great perspective! Hey, I was wondering if you could send or email me our "line of authority". I don't think I have it yet, and I think that it'd be sweet to have. Thanks! Again, I want to say that I love you and at this Thanksgiving time, one of the greatest things that I have to be grateful for is the family that I've been given (especially my Mom and Dad). Also, I can't go without saying how grateful I am for the Gospel of Jesus Christ! It truly is the greatest thing on earth. Thank you for sharing it with me. Have an exciting ride this week!

MIRACLE Stories:

Elder Lyman (from Lindon) and I went on exchanges this past week and saw a couple of amazing miracles! We went down to La Junta a few hours before a baptismal interview to do some work in their area. We stopped at a town along the way to see some less active's and talked to a lady who just pulled up to her apartment. She agreed to hear our message and was very engaged in the lesson. She said that going to church will help her family come closer together, and she accepted a baptismal date for December 11th! After that unplanned miracle, we went to La Junta to do some service, but it fell through, so Elder Lyman took us to go see some potentials in the area. One lady that has been a potential for a very long time was home and let us in. We answered some questions and then she asked, "If I'm interested, what is my next step?" So we began teaching the Restoration. Everything made a lot of sense to her and she was very excited about it all! Not only that, but the Spirit was so strong! She said that she got the "chills" and felt really good about our message. She also accepted a date for December 11th! Within just a couple of hours, we were blessed to have the Lord place two different people in our path at just the right time. It was an awesome day!


Elder Craft

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