Monday, April 18, 2011

3 weeks left

Dear Family,

Yeah for Alvin! I can't wait to meet that little stud!

I could have sworn that just last week I told you that I had 10 more Sundays in the mission. Now I only have 3! It's crazy!

I read an awesome article this past week. It's called: "Daddy, Donna, and Nephi" by Jeffrey R. Holland. It's kind of old, but I highly encourage all of you to look it up and study it.

It sounds like Jacob is having a great time with Mr. Rooster. I was trying not to laugh out loud since I'm at the library. It made it even harder when I got up to go to the bathroom around the corner. Much to my suprise the men's door was wide open and there was an old guy sitting right there on the toilet doing his business. I quickly decided to hold it and come back to finish emailing. Then I desperately attempted to quietly relate the experience to Elder Barzee. :) I love Alamosa! FYI, I think he was mentally challenged, but it still was quite the view :)

Anyways, back to business. Thank you Mom and Dad for helping me with that school stuff. I can't thank you enough. What I remember them telling me is that because I worked the semester before my mission, I've been gone too long to apply for a missionary deferment, so when I come back I'll need to re-do part of the application process (just steps 1-3 or something like that). I don't know if that helps. Anways, thank you again. I love you tons!

Mom and Dad, I seriously have been blessed with the best family in the world! Thank you for being amazing. Of course we're not perfect and we're always progressing. If you were perfect, I would feel out of place and slightly depressed. You're the perfect parents for me. You inspire me to become better. I'm excited to rub shoulders with you again when I come back. Elder Barzee is pretty good at asking for marriage advice. We were talking to the stake president here and his advice, which matches Pres. Pfile's, was "Look at the mothers. Go find an awesome mother and marry her daughter." So as I was thinking about that, the Spirit whispered to me, "Your wife will probably marry you because of your parents." So thank you for being awesome and no pressure! I love you so much!

I gotta go, but thanks for everything!

Elder Craft

Mission Report:

We have 2 with dates: James Martinez (4/23) and Liz Vigil (5/8). Also, we have an appointment with a member referral at the church today (Karen Hawkins).
We got a cool phone call this morning. Lisa Ziegler was a lady we taught on the street last week, and she was very receptive! But when we went back yesterday, her boyfriend told us not to come back. This morning she called to apologize, and said that she called him out after we left. Apparently things have been rough financially and so he's been in a bad mood. She's going to talk to him and try to change his mind so we can teach both of them. If not she said she wants to keep learning more on her own. We really feel like the Lord has prepared her and that things will work out. It was sweet miracle.

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