Monday, January 11, 2010

ITL -Invite to Learn

Dear Family,
The weather is gorgeous today, which is making me very happy! The work is also going well. Thank you so much for all of your love, support, and encouragement.I want to testify to all of you today of the truthfulness and importance of our modern-day prophets. The General Conference addresses are the most up-to-date scriptures we have! I challenge all of you to make the study of them a DAILY practice. It only takes a few minutes to read a talk, and it'll probably be some of the most effective time you spend all day. At a minimum, make sure you study ALL the recent talks at least once before the next general conference. The General Authorities are inspired by the Lord! Having their leadership and guidance so easily accessible is an enormous blessing that hasn't always been on the earth. In fact, this time we are blessed more than ever before, and we should be the most gospel-learned people of all of God's children. I testify that if we follow the counsel of our modern-day prophets, we will be led on the straight and narrow path to our glorious reward of exaltation!

Dear Mom,
So Elder Greenfield sent you a note? That's pretty thoughtful of him. Tell Joshua "thank you" for his short letter :) I look forward to receiving your's. I've got something kind of cool to send you today, but you'll have to wait to see what it is :)We had interviews with Pres. and Sis. Pfile this past week. I humbly need to do as I'm told and again tell you that you both did a good job as parents :) I love you Mom so very much! Keep being amazing. Have a magnificent week!

Dear Dad,
My respect and admiration for Bishops has grown tremendously lately. We get to go to the weekly PEC and ward council meetings. Bishops sure do a whole lot more than just sit on the stand!Also, thank you for your great example of pondering and applying the scriptures. I'll try to study Helaman 5:12 out and report on it in my next letter. I love you and hope everything is going well!

Dear Benson,
What's up little growin' brother?! I miss you man. Sometimes the devil tempts me to get too excited about going home and playing basketball with you, Randy, and Dad. Do you think we could wup 'em? You better be working hard and doing your best in everything you do, especially in prayer, scripture study, family, and school work. Continue to honor, respect, and cherish our parents. I would be willing to bet that 99.9% of the young men in the world do not have as good of parents as we do. Be extremely grateful for that and take advantage of it! Learn all you can from them. I love you Benson! See you in 16 months (it goes fast; don't let a minute be wasted!).

Love, Elder Craft

MIRACLE Stories:On Sunday an investigator that we've been trying to contact for a while came to church! It was awesome. We actually didn't get to see her because we left quickly to another meeting, but she introduced herself to our ward mission leader and others, and just made herself at home :) We're excited to follow up with her about her experience.Yesterday we saw a wonderful miracle because of planning and ITLing. We had a couple of potentials that we planned to see for a couple of hours. The first fell through, but on our way to the others we passed by this lady sitting out on a driveway. We ITLed her, and she agreed to here the message right there on the spot! It turns out that she has a close friend who is investigating the Church and working towards baptism. We taught her the Restoration and set a date for exactly two weeks out! She was very receptive and commented that her friend will probably be excited to hear that she's investigating also :) It just goes to show us the importance of asking for referrals from everyone, even our investigators!

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