Monday, January 4, 2010

It's 2010

Dear Family,
I love you all so incredibly much! Things are going pretty well on the mission, and I hope and pray that things continue to go well for you at home.

Of course you can change your gift!! I would much rather spend a day with you than sleep in the mountains with 3 noisy, stinky boys (no offense guys). I was just trying to make the different gifts unique, but I will gladly comply with your request :)In the next package, could you send my hair-cutting kit? Along with all my remaining ties? You might be surprised at what's appropriate. President gives us all ties at Christmas, and I got a bright pink pasely! Then I wore it at transfers and he complimented it :) Even if it is crazy, I can always trade it for something different :PAnyways, I sure love you! Good luck with the many pressing responsibilities you have.

Thank you for your testimony and words of encouragement. Do you have any advice for a trainer? Thank you so much for your enduring and loving support! Have a great week!So I've got a joke for all of you. This was shared by Elder Greenfield while we were tracting:So there is this (insert "favorite" denomination) preacher/minister who decides to skip church one Sunday and go out fishing. "I've lived a good life; one week won't hurt," he says. So he goes out fishing and as he's hiking along out in the middle of nowhere, he comes across this huge grizzly bear. He tries to escape, but the thing starts charging him. So he desperately prays, "Oh God, make this bear Christian, and I promise I'll never miss church again." So right before the bear gets to him, it stops, looks up, and says, "Dear Lord, I thank thee for this food which I am about to eat." :)I love you all. Have a FANTASTIC new year!!!
Love,Elder Craft

Weekly Report:We are diligently trying to contact our investigators, but only a couple have been working with us. I think I need to make it a matter of prayer as to which ones we should keep focusing on and which ones would be ineffective at this time.

MIRACLE Stories:We tracted into a young lady who used to go to church with a mormon friend, until her friend moved to college. She was very receptive to learning more. She said that she had heard a little about the church from her friends, but they seemed to shy away from it thinking that she didn't want to here about it, when in reality, she did! It's crazy to think about how many elect are right around us, and we just don't recognize them! Miracles you have seen from planning.:The last night before Elder Greenfield left we had planned to see Rich and Susie Kosut. We called ahead of time to make sure they were home. Elder Greenfield still had packing to do, so I left it up to him as to whether we ride down to see if they're home or not. He decided we should at least try. It turns out that they were home, but were just busy cooking so they didn't answer the phone. However, they let us come in and teach them. We had a great Restoration lesson with them, and they seemed very receptive to everything, including coming to church. They even agreed to continue taking the lessons and pray about being baptized on January 16th! After the lesson, Elder Greenfield told me he had a dream a while back about being a missionary and riding down a hill at night. On our way to the lesson, he recognized that the scene matched up with his dream. "Don't drop them," he kept telling me :) It was pretty cool!

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