Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mission Conference

Dear Mom and Dad,

I'm so excited that you've made it to yet another mile-marker on your path through eternity! Once again, it's the last one that I'll have to miss :) It truly is a day for celebration for me as well. Because of that wonderful event, this family was able to be created, and I will be forever grateful for that. Thank you so much for being the incredible parents that you are! I couldn't have asked for better people to raise me. I hope you had a great anniversary.

The leadership conference was amazing! I really enjoyed it and learned a ton. I'm excited to go out and apply those things now and see miracles because of it.
During the leadership conference I got to serve in one of my old areas--University Ward in Pueblo, and I was able to visit some recent converts, which was really neat. Here are some of the exciting things that are happening in their lives: Robert TaFoya just received the Melchizedek Priesthood, teaches a class at church 2 Sundays out of the month, and is taking temple prep classes with his wife Jenny. Jenny TaFoya has just received a calling to teach a primary class, has been blessed with a good paying job, got new furniture, and for the first time in a while has got all the bills completely caught up! All these blessings, she says are the result of paying tithing, which they've been doing faithfully, even at times when it was really a leap of faith. Also, her 18 yr. old son, Kurtus, has read the Book of Mormon, the Doctrine and Covenants, is working on Seminary packets so he can catch up and graduate seminary, is reading the "teachings of the prophets" books, has been going on splits with the missionaries A LOT, is going to BYU, and is excitedly preparing for a mission! The blessings of the gospel are truly miraculous!

Well, I need to get going, but I want to say that I love you tons and wish you a great week!

--Elder Craft

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