Monday, December 20, 2010

Merry Christmas

Dear Family,

Thank you sooooo very very much for all that you've sent me (letters, pictures, packages, prayers, etc....)! I really appreciate every bit of it!

I'd love to talk to you sooner, but Elder Bennett's family needs to talk to him at like 7:00pm Colorado time, and it would just be easiest to call at the same time, so hopefully that works and I don't interrupt too much fun :)
Okay, game plan: I'll call you, say "What's up?", give you our phone #, and then you'll call me right back, so you have to pay for it, not us. Sound good? :) I love you all so much and very much look forward to talking to you on Christmas!

Dear Joshua,
Hey buddy, eat more of those nasty green vegetables! They'll make you super strong!

MIRACLE Stories:

The baptism yesterday went very well!! I was blessed to actually do the baptizing, and then at the end of the service, Kim got up and bore her testimony. Her nonmember friend who is on military leave was there and talked to another missionary for quite a while. He took a Book of Mormon and seemed to have a good time.

Yesterday was actually a crazy day! Right after Sacrament Meeting, Kim needed a blessing, because she got sick the night before. The adversary has been slamming her with trials, but she's pushing through very well. She went home, got rest, and miraculously felt a lot better! Then during Priesthood Meeting we got called in to participate in the ordaining of a young man to the office of Teacher. His father isn't a member (yet), and so he asked me to do the ordination. It was a pleasant surprise. Then of course, we had the baptism that evening, so it was just a day filled with ordinances!

Today we had our Christmas Conference with Pres. and Sis. Pfile! As always, it was an incredible meeting!!!

This past week I've been able to really appreciate a miracle that we experienced about 2 months ago. During a Sacrament Meeting I felt strongly impressed to introduce our investigators, who were in our ward for the first time, to a certain family for fellowship. At the end of the meeting, however, they had to run off real quickly, and we weren't able to do so. But the very next day, our investigators needed a ride, and we were able to get this family to help out. Since then, they really took the investigators under their wing and have helped them out through the whole process. They sat in on some of the lessons. They were there to offer support during some trials. The wife gave a birthday present haircut to the investigator. The husband spoke at the baptism of one of those investigators yesterday. All in all, they have really gone the extra mile in helping out; most of which, they've completely done on their own. It was really cool to see how just following the impression to get the right fellowshippers has been miraculous for our investigator!

I'm so grateful for the birth, life, example, teachings, Church, gospel, sacrifice, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ!!! Thank you again for all that you have done for me, for others, and for the Lord. I hope you all have a wonderful, Christ-centered, service-driven, and Spirit-filled Christmas!

Elder Craft

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