Monday, December 27, 2010

Elder Craft's Goal Setting Seminar

Dear Family,

I really enjoyed talking to all of you on Christmas!!! I'm not really used to long phone calls and was kind of tired, so I probably didn't sound as spunky as I usually am, but I really did enjoy listening to all of you and feeling of your spirits. Thank you again for all the presents, letters, and everything!! I really had a great Christmas and am looking forward to this exciting new year! I think it's going to be a crazy one, but I like roller coasters and have faith that if we stay close to the Lord and work hard, it's going to be an awesome year!
Kim de Ridder got confirmed yesterday and is super excited about the gospel! She's already an on fire missionary. She's been telling all of her friends about it and inviting them to come to church. It's pretty awesome to see.

I actually saw a little miracle yesterday. I didn't eat a very healthy lunch before Church, so I was feeling pretty sick right before we were supposed to do the Confirmation. I was a little concerned but decided to push through it. It was amazing how as soon we began to perform the ordinance I immediately felt better and was able to speak just fine. Even after the blessing I felt a lot better as if I had been healed. It was pretty awesome! God is merciful to His Priesthood holders, even when they're not the smartest.

You'd be so proud of me. Last Friday for District Meeting I had everyone do the "Gift to Jesus" tradition, which went pretty good. I was trying to spread a little Craft family Christmas cheer in Colorado. I think it worked :)

This Friday for District Meeting, I'm planning on attempting "Elder Craft's Goal-Setting Seminar"! It may not be Tony Robbins quality, but I'll do my best :) I figured it would be appropriate with the new year. I already have the outline:

1. Vision/Desire

2. Goals/Planning

3. Faith/Attitude

4. Work/Commitment

5. Accountability/Consistency

I figure if one could master these principles then he/she could accomplish anything!

I revise these kinds of formulas about 3x a day, so we'll see what it is by Friday.

I love you all so much! Have an outstanding New Year!!!


Elder Craft

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