Sunday, July 12, 2009


Dear Mom,
I'm so sorry about last week. I was totally rushed in my emailing so I didn't get to nearly as much as I wanted to. I hope you understand and know that I love you! After emailing last Monday I didn't have time to write letters because we went to a member's home who had a huge slip-n-slide. It is an activity that missionaries have done for years, but last Monday there was a horrible accident. Elder Peterson, in our district, landing at the bottom funny which broke his C4 veterbrea in his neck. He was temporarily paralyzed from the shoulders down. Me and a couple others helped stabilize him until the ambulance got there. He had surgery that night (with one of the best doctors in the country for that thing), and he is doing a lot better. He can move his arms and hands and is making progress. He'll probably need months to recover, but it is very hopeful. Our mission president gave him a blessing, which sounded really good. It was definitely a crazy experience. Please don't worry about me; it was just a freak accident, but I do realize that we need to be very careful. Your prayers are very much appreciated!By the way, I know I did all I could have done, but I feel responsible to be very familiar with the things I've been taught in my EMT class. Could you please send me my EMT book that's down in my closet, so I can review it?Transfers are next week, and I'm moving but I don't know where. I'll email on Tuesday next week.I'm learning a lot out here; especially when it comes to people-skills, which I'm sure you'll love to hear. I get tons of practice, and I'm being molded to become more like you! I try to wave, smile, and say "hi" to everyone. My companion says that his social skills sky-rocketed while being on a mission, which I totally believe. I bet you can't wait to see me after two years! :)One of the most frustrating things that makes me want to go home, is that I am learning so much about how I could do better at home, but I have to wait two years before I can actually apply it. Oh well, I'll have to keep being the best missionary I can be and do the great work that is before me.Were you ever going to send some copies of the Book of Mormon with your testimonies? I sure could use a couple :)I think your temple idea is awesome! It really would be such a cool experience. I wish I could be there to do it with you :) Oh well, I guess in two years.Anyways, I love you so much Mom! And I so incredibly appreciate all of your packages, letters, and emails! Some missionaries are just dying to get some, but I don't really wait for them, it's just a great bonus when I do! I'm glad you're doing well, and I hope you continue to receive and recognize the blessings that the Lord has in store for you.

Love your son,Elder Craft

For everyone:I highly recommend Alma 5 as a great chapter to study and ponder in depth. Set goals according to the impressions the Spirit gives you. I love you all!

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Angela said...

Good thing he took those EMT classes. Scary experience . . . but I'm glad that the missionary will be alright.