Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Pictures from the Mission!

We finally got some pictures of Spencer's mission sent to us! There was only a grand total of 30 pictures, and here are a handful of the best ones. I emailed him, inquiring about the stories behind some of these pictures. The text in quotes and italicized is Spencer's response.

MTC missionaries!

At the airport with his MTC companion, Elder Kyle Staheli.

"The big family baptism picture was for Shawn Ruston's baptism. I got to help teach all but the first two lessons. The family in the picture are the Goodwin's. They're a great family! There daughter worked with Shawn and gave us the referral."

"The frog we almost hit while driving home one night, then we caught it in a box and brought it home! The spider was caught by some oher missionaries. We let the frog go, but I think Sister Pfile took the spider! She thought it was cool, which kind of suprised me :)"
Ew! Gross! Yes, I think he took this picture to scare his sisters! :)

"The other picture of the guy between Elder Godinez and I is of John Souther. He's the private investigator/ex-Raiders player and police chief. He's the one that I got to baptize, which was really cool!"

Oh it's so good to see Spencer's face again, even in pictures! Hope you all enjoyed some pictures from his mission!

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