Tuesday, March 23, 2010

100% Faith

Dear Family,

Well, I'm staying here again, which I'm happy with. I'll actually be getting a new missionary again as well. I'm now in suspense as to what he'll be like. Please pray for me! :)

Okay, so I have a funny story. You'll read at the bottom about us getting a church tour with one of our investigators, Neal Kermas. He is a single guy and is kind of shy, but really nice. Anyways, the Garza family that did it with us is a young couple with a 5 year old boy named Enoch and a two year old girl. They were sooo cute! The kids basically led the entire tour, which made our job really easy. They were so excited to show Neal everything. They showed him how the piano, the microphones, the speakers, and everything worked. They even were singing primary songs as we walked around (things like "Follow the prophet"). Anyways, something that Enoch was doing was holding Neal's hand as we walked around. At one point, they had let go and we were all standing in a group. As we started walking away, Enoch came a grabbed my hand, which I thought was very nice of him, but he did give me a couple of weird looks. After a little bit he realized that I wasn't Neal, and so as we were walking down the hall, he let go of my hand and went over and grabbed Neal's hand. It was hilarious!

Anyways, gotta go. I love you all so very much!

Elder Craft

P.S. Be careful with the horse! Have fun, but not too much fun. (Dad, you especially. You're not 18 anymore :P ).

MIRACLE Stories:
We tracted into a new investigator last Friday, Jared Rubino, and taught a first. He seemed really interested, and happens to live right next to our old ward mission leader. We have a return appointment for Wednesday.

Last Saturday we got a call from Neal Kermas, an investigator we were trying to contact throughout the week. He had the day off from work, so we decided to do a Church tour. We had some new ward missionaries come assist with the tour, and then we did a lesson afterwards and set a date for April 3rd! He came to church the next day and is progressing quite well. It was purely miraculous!
We planned to see a RC whose been going LA recently. We planned to see him and were able to have a nice visit. He agreed to take the new member lessons which he missed out on!

On Sunday we did quick teamups for an hour or so. Our appointment fell through, so Elder Bosen and I went tracting and ITLing. The very first ITL we got an appointment for next Saturday. Then the very first door we knocked on we got an appointment for Tuesday. For some reason our faith is strengthened on teamups and then the miracles just flow. I just need to learn to have that 100% faith all the time.

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