Monday, March 8, 2010

Righteous Leadership D&C 121:34-46

Dear Family,

Thank you so much for your prayers, support, love, example, and faithfulness! I love being a missionary and have been very blessed by the Lord in so many ways.

Thank you for choosing me to take your flat self on some adventures! I'm glad to hear that you still remember me :P I hope I can do a good job at helping out with your school project. Anyways, I love you so much Joshua and hope that you are still smiling and being a great boy! Love, Spencer

Dear Dad,
Thank you for your great example of diligent and meaningful scripture study. I'm am so incredibly blessed to have a righteous father! You've always been an inspiration to me as well, so thank you!
I'm sorry to hear that work is kind of slow :( But I do have faith in King Benjamin's promise (Mosiah 2:41), and I know that as you continue to be righteous the Lord will bless you with anything you may stand in need of. We actually did a "resolving concerns" role-play this morning in companionship study, where we addressed the concern of an investigator who is too busy with work, family, and other stressful things in life. We used the scripture found at the end of 3 Nephi 13, where the Savior says, "Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and all these things shall be added unto you....take no thought for tomorrow...for tomorrow shall take thought for things of itself (or something like that)." Anyways, the message from the Prince of Peace is to "be still and know that I am God." Of course it's hard to do in stressful times, but when we diligently seek the Spirit's comfort, our burden's may be eased. I love you more than you know and will be eternally grateful for your great leadership in my life!

Dearest Mother,
Good luck with the move! I'm sorry that I can't be there, but know that in the future whenever possible, I'll be the first to come and help! About that one address, if it's not in my area, did you just want missionaries sent there? And what is their situation? I'll look for their address, but if you still have it, could you re-send it? Sorry for not following up with it sooner.
I was reading the other day about the two prophets of the last days who will be killed in the streets, and I was just wondering: where was it said that their names will both be David? It's not super important, but I was just wondering if you knew or not.
Anyways, I decided to do the "Scripture of the Week" on a personal basis, so I'm starting this week, and I decided to let you know each week what I learned from last week's pondering and application, and what I will be doing for the coming week. This week I chose: Doctrine and Covenants 121:34-46, with the theme of "Righteous Leadership." It's definitely a great passage! Thank you for sending the skin stuff, I definitely try it. And thank you for all that you do! I love you dearly, and wish you a stress-free and sucessful week!
Could you let me know what your new ward, stake, address, phone #, etc... will be? Thanks!

All of your prayers are much appreciated. The Church is true, and I love you!


Elder Craft

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