Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A really important message

Dear Family,

I love you all tons!!!!

Dear Mom,
Sorry about the PMG thing. I'm really glad you didn't pay $300 for it! You're right, I'd rather not do it illegally :)
So Benson uses the pullup bar? Because I could just buy one here for $20. I got that other one for about $40. And it'll probably save on shipping. So if you haven't sent it already, don't worry about it; but if you have, then thank you anyways! I'm sorry to hear about your health challenges :( I definitely will be praying for you! Just yesterday though we were teaching a young man, Jaylyn, about the Resurrection and it just hit me how awesome it is that no matter what we suffer in this life, we'll all be blessed with a perfect glorified body in the next life. The gospel is truly wonderful! I will be forever in your debt for what you have done for me by teaching me the gospel and showing me how to live to be worthy of all the blessings that are available to us. I love you much, much more that you know! Have a great week!

The work here in Colby is going well. Here's a miracle that I told President about:

We had an incredible miracle this past week! After 6 hours of tracting on Saturday, we tracted into a guy named Jaylyn. We was very friendly and invited us in. We had a very short (15-20 min) and powerful visit, and when it came time to invite him to be baptized, he enthusiastically said that he would! We were so excited. Then yesterday we went back for a return appointment and had another great lesson. We taught the plan of salvation, and talked about the Book of Mormon, and he was saying things like, "This is a really important message. More people need to know about this." Also, we talked briefly about the temple and he really wants to go and do baptisms for his ancestors. At the end of the plan of salvation, we asked him what his purpose in life was and he said, "To get to the Celestial Kingdom!" He believes the church is true. He read and prayed for us. He wants to come to church, even though it's 30 minutes away. And he's excited to be baptized; the only problem is that he is having trouble getting work off on Sundays. So that's the roadblock that will test our faith, but we're going to pray fervently and do everything we can to see a miracle take place. Jaylyn is an awesome guy and has truly been prepared by the Lord. I'm so grateful for the chance I have to be a part of this living miracle.

Dear Dad,
Thank you so much for your faithful example and support. You probably noticed I had to use the debit card a few times recently. I hope that was okay. My regular MSF card was having a little bit of trouble, but should be good now.
I'm glad to hear that you're having fun on the farm :)
Congratulations on the new calling. How's it going? And how's work going? I'm guessing it can't be too bad if you bought a pony and also have a little driver to take you around :)
Even though I'm young I still have had the feelings of time going too fast. It's crazy to think that I'm coming up on my 13 month mark!
Also, just a random thought: I hope that even though I'm away from home on a mission, you still feel comfortable correcting me in any way that you feel is needed. No matter how far away I get or how independent I become, I will always look to you as my father, and I will honor your authority and counsel as such. So please, feel free to be completely open with me if you ever think there's anything that I could improve on, in any way. I'm always in need of and grateful for advice. One of the greatest turning points for Pres. Hinckley was because of a correction by his father while he was on his mission. I surely do not see myself as serving a perfect mission, which is to be expected, so I am anxious for any critiques you are impressed to give me. I believe that you are still entitled to revelation on how to guide me. That's not at all to say that you haven't been doing that, because you have given me an abundance of incredible counsel, so thank you! But just it sometimes seems that you're too nice and too complimentary, moreso than I deserve. I thank you anyways. I wish you well in everything that you're engaged in. I love you so much more than I can express! Have a champion week!

See you in a short, wonderful year!

Elder Craft

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