Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Howdy Ya'll

Dear Mamma, Pappa, and the rest of ya,

How're ya'll doin' today? Hopefully things are just dandy for all ya'll back on the farm! As fer me out in the plains, the fields are yellow already to harvest, so folks here are pretty busy! But moor spiritually speakin', we had zone conference yestaday, which was just swell. We had to worsh the car Saturday night to prepare fer it, but then Sunday we hit a dumb pigeon while drivin' on the highway (sorry Pres. Monson!). It was kinda funny, but didn't mess up the car too terribly. When we went past the same there spot on the road, the poor thing wudn't there, so someone must go around to poosh that kind of thing off into the crick. It's kind-hearted souls like that that make here Kansas a livin' beauty! Keep bein' the great folks that you are, and I look forward to seein' you next harvest!

With love,

Elder Craft

MIRACLE Stories:
Yesterday after zone conference, we did a short blitz in Scott City (a small town that's been tracted a lot). We picked an area that hasn't been worked in a couple of weeks, and the very first door we knocked on, a lady was interested but busy, so we set up an appointment for the next day! It was pretty cool, but that wasn't all. A little while later we tracted into a lady who let us in, and we got to teach her the Restoration right there on the spot! She's going on a 2 week trip, but is interested in learning more when she gets back. It's amazing how miracles come and people are a whole lot nicer and more receptive when we have the Spirit. That's why it's so important that we have the same kind of spiritual experiences like we have in zone conference each and every morning with personal and companion study. When we have the Spirit, see miracles, and teach the gospel, that's when missionary work is the most rewarding work on the earth!

I love you and promise that I'm not turning into a red-neck hillbillie! :)

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