Monday, February 7, 2011


Dear Family,

One day in Alamosa I went out with a short sleeve shirt, then a couple days later, we were bundling up for dear life! I'm sort of kidding, but it was pretty cold. We were long over-due for it though. The work is going well, the time is flying by, and I continue to learn a lot each day. Thank you all for living righteous lives. I love you so much!

Dad, I'm proud of you for doing missionary work this past week with your cousin. That's so exciting! Even in Utah, there's a ton of opportunities to share the gospel and invite others to come unto Christ. Since I've been a missionary it seems so much simpler to share the gospel than it was before. I've definitely developed more loving boldness and have realized many things I should've said to people before my mission. Oh well, I'm excited to be able to apply it when I get home. As I think about member-missionary work, the skill that I think makes the biggest difference is the ability to ask inspired questions. If one can master that, then teaching, testifying, and inviting will come naturally. I suggest that you role-play in FHE scenarios where you can share the gospel, ask questions, and make invitations. Role-playing is something that we do a lot of as missionaries and really makes everything a lot easier. I wish I would've done more role-playing (street contacts, teaching lessons, etc...) to prepare for a mission. Benson, Joshua, Jacob, Caleb, and Oliver, you better prepare yourselves for Spencer's Mission Prep 101! I'm going to make you role-play!

Mom, you're right! The life of a mission president's wife is very busy, but who the Lord calls, He qualifies. I haven't thought about it much before, but I could see it happening--get ready! Missionary work is growing, and the Lord needs many more prepared mission presidents. Congratulations on the new grandson. Keep up all the great work. I love you more than I could ever express!

I suggest all of you look up the talk "The Abundant Life" by Elder Wirthlin. It's great!

Elder Craft

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