Monday, March 21, 2011

Harvest the investigators

Dear Mom,
You want me to get up all by myself and teach 33 young women? You've got to be kidding me. I think I'd rather build a boat and sail to Jerusalem. On second thought, I'd rather just stay here and be a missionary. (Just kidding, I'd love to look like a fool in the service of the Lord).

As far as the garden, you could assign the boys their own plant to take care of. They could learn a lot of gospel principles that way. Maybe they could even compete with each other. When I get home, I'd gladly take on the task of helping you with it.

I'll have to think about my homecoming topic a little bit and then let you know.

Thought for the week: When we stop having challenges, we stop growing. Life is always going to full of trials of one kind or another (even now I have to go to the bathroom really bad but am struggling to finish this email). Success and happiness doesn't come when we stop having trials, but as we learn to react to them in the way that Christ would. "Come what may and love it!"

MIRACLE Stories:
Liz Vigil started off pretty stubborn and had many concerns, but was willing to listen. Her son was recently baptized in the YSA ward, and she works with a member of our ward. They're really good friends, and Liz finally agreed to meet with us missionaries. The first couple of discussions were all over the place, and we didn't seem to be making much progress. We all struggled just to be heard, and it seemed to be a small "war of words." But as she continued to meet with us, the time came when she committed to coming to church. We didn't get to talk to her much at church, but we taught her the Plan of Salvation the next day, and she was a different person! In the past, she always wanted to talk and really struggled to listen, but this time she listened intently and was very receptive. Later we found out that on her way to church she was frustrated and decided to come just this once, and that she would never come to church or meet with us again. However, as she sat through all 3 hrs. of church, she felt the Spirit so strongly that she cried through much of Sacrament meeting and Sunday School. She loved each of the talks and lessons and felt like all her questions were answered. Before she had a lot of concerns about Joseph Smith, but after church she told her friend, "I think I can start to believe this Joseph Smith thing." After church, she also felt like she had so much more energy and excitement than she usually does on a Sunday. The next day during our lesson with her, the Spirit was very strong. Before when we talked about baptism, she was very against it, because she had been baptized before, but this time when we invited her, she said that she wanted to pray about it more. She said, "I'm not saying 'no'; I'm just not saying 'yes' yet" (key word: yet). We definitely saw a miraculous change in Liz, and it was all because she came to church! It strengthened my testimony of a quote by Elder Quentin L. Cook: "Harvest the investigators going to Sacrament meeting. They are your most likely candidates for baptism." If we can just get investigators to Sacrament meeting, the Spirit will work miracles in their conversion process.

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