Monday, March 7, 2011

Make Every Moment Count

Dear Family,

Time just won't slow down will it?! Good thing we get to live for eternity because life just doesn't give us enough time to do all that needs to be done! Life as a missionary is very busy, and I'm sure it only gets better :) I've come to know more than ever the importance of focusing on priorities. I guess that's my thought for the week: "Make every moment count." And how do we accomplish that? Live the gospel the very best you can. As we turn our lives completely over to the Lord, He'll bring us much more success and happiness than we ever could on our own. Don't stress if you don't get to everything that you expected, just be patient and diligent. Simply do what the Lord wants you to do, and be the person the Lord wants you to be. Only then will you live with no regrets.

Dear Mom,
I'm sorry to hear about your sickness. I hope and pray that you'll be fully recovered soon!
I think that's a great idea about my birthday (especially if Benson has done what I expect he has done). I really don't need anything else on my mission (except more time, but I don't suppose you can get that for me, can you?).
I don't remember hearing that Kristen Judd is going on a mission! That's pretty exciting.
I'm in the spot that I've heard from others is the best place in the mission: junior zone leader :) I get to teach and serve other missionaries, but if something goes wrong, I can blame Elder Barzee! He's a great missionary and will go home in August.
As far as my homecoming talk, it doesn't matter to me when I do it--just whenever the Bishop would like me. After May 13th, my schedule is pretty open :) Is there a certain topic that he has in mind?

Dear Dad,
It's always good to hear from you about all the exciting adventures you go on with the goats! I can't wait to meet my substitutes :)
How is work going? Are you staying healthy? Anyways, I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful love and support spiritually, emotionally, financially, etc... I love you so much and wish you the best week ever!

Elder Craft

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