Friday, June 5, 2009

1st letter from Colorado

We received our first letter from Spencer from the mission field. We also received a letter from his Mission President, Brian Pfile with this picture with him and his wife. Spencer's letter:
Hello Mom, Dad, and Family!
Tonight is my first night in the mission! I really love my mission president and his wife. I've had a great time so far. This afternoon we went out tracting and "ITLing" (Invite to learn). We would just talk to everyone on the streets and thenobviously go door to door. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, but I definitely have a lot to learn and improve. We just were given an orientation, a lot of paperwork, and a wonderful dinner here in the mission home.

We received news that the MTC was put on quarantine at about 7:00am this morning (just an hour after we left!) Nonone will enter or leave for atleast two weeks! I'm so glad we got out of there. By the way, I hear that Colorado Springs drivers are the craziest ever! Ha ha, anyways I love you all so much! It was great talking to you this morning. Thank you for all your support! I miss you all, but I'll keep working hard! The Gospel is true!

Love, Elder Craft


Belinda said...

Oh how I love that boy. doesn't he just look great?

Angela said...

He is so great! I'm so happy that they sent a picture! I miss Spencer just by looking at it! But he's going to be an awesome missionary!!!