Thursday, June 4, 2009

Week 2 in MTC

This is the email we got from him last week. He is now in the mission field in Colorado Springs! Here's his latest email:

"I love you all so very much!

Thank you for all of your wonderful and loving support!

Give Brittney a hug for me because, behind Mom, she is in the lead for most letters. I've already gotten two! Even Katie Marie has been drawing pictures for me :) I guess I'm the first missionary she'll be writing.

Anyways, thank you so much Dad for your letters of wisdom, love, and support. I really appreciate it.

Just to let you know I am on a time limit, so sometimes I have to go kind of fast.

Well I leave Monday morning and there is a pretty strong possibility that I can/will be calling home while we wait for our flight. So if you think that's a good idea, then it'll probably be between 8 and 9:30am this Monday. I'm really excited to get out there!

Anyways, usually I'll try to have a spiritual thought prepared, but today I'll just share my testimony:

I know the Gospel is true! I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the Lord's church and that it is lead by a prophet of God: President Thomas S. Monson. These simple truths that are testified of so often are so incredibly significant! The Church is not a social organization, culture, or even lifestyle. It is the work of God! I know that blessings of the gospel and blessings of the Spirit are predicated by laws of God. There is no greater ambition than to feel, understand, and follow the Spirit! Gotta go! I love you all!"

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